X-Stream Aeroponic Propagators

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As aeroponics is often recognised as one of the most productive methods of growing hydroponically, by using an Aeroponic Propagator you can seriously improve a number of factors when taking cuttings. Rooting times are greatly reduced and the success rates are increased along with stronger and thicker roots. What's more is the whole process is really simple! Cuttings are taken in the usual fashion but without the need for rooting hormone, secured into place inside a net pot and then suspended above the misting chamber. The misters are connected to a water pump which runs 24/7, constantly spraying the root zone with an ultra fine mist that provides a highly oxygenated environment, perfect for root development. This, combined with the large vents on the propagator lid give you precision control over humidity and temperature and many growers have reported fully rooted cuttings in under a week! Once rooted the cuttings can be transplanted to any growing medium or system. All X-Stream Aeroponic Propagators can be heated by adding a water heater to the tank.


  • Tank Dimensions: L 46cm x W 40cm x H 22cm
  • Lid Dimensions: L 41cm x W 40cm x H 19cm
  • Tank Size: 8 litres


  • Tank Dimensions: L 60cm x W 42cm x H 22cm
  • Lid Dimensions: L 56cm x W 38cm x H 21cm
  • Tank Size: 14 litres


  • Tank Dimensions: L 119.5cm x W 67cm x H 26.5cm
  • Lid Dimensions: L 107cm x W 59cm x H 22cm
  • Tank Size: 40 litres