Wilma XXL 8 Pot System

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£189.00 £169.00

Complete Wilma XXL 8 Pot System comes with: tank, tray, pots, pump, delivery system, flood drippers, arrow drippers and full instructions.

When growing in clay pebbles, use the blue flood drippers. For more absorbent media – soil, coco, grow cubes, mapito – use the black arrow drippers.

Supplied with 8x 18 Litre pots.

Please note: you will need a timer to use this system in order for the pump to plug into so you can control feeding times per day We recommend starting with 1-3 feeds per day for 15 minutes and then slowly increasing this as you plants need it. You should not need to provide more than one 15 minute feed per hour.

Suitable tent sizes:

1.2m x 1.2m and upwards

Amount of growing media required:

144 Litres (around 3 bags)


L 115cm x W 115cm x H 20cm

Tank size:

150 Litres