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Simplicity at it's finest.

The Trimbag is a collapsible, lightweight and blade free bag with the potential to save you a lot of time and money. It can turn a boring, even complex time-consuming manual job of trimming with scissors into a breeze.

Using the Trimbag is a simple because it has no moving parts or electronic tech. It is important to remember that this product will only work with dry plant matter and for the very best results this should be of good solid density. The bag is filled (max recommended approx 900g of material), then you just rotate the fabric drum and Trimbag does all the hard work. With every rotation, the gentle friction breaks off the dry leaf matter (As a rule, 15-20 rotations is needed to de-leaf dense product). This leaves you with two, neatly separated, piles of materials which can be emptied via the two chambers. While the friction removes the leaf matter, it keeps the vast majority of essential oils intact, because of this it preserves the very best from your end product, and cutting down your workload massively. The Trimbag also folds flat and comes with a carry bag for ease of transport.