SMSCOM Hybrid Controller

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Product Variations

4 Amp



8 Amp



16 Amp



The SMSCOM Hybrid Controller combines digital temperature sensing software with mechanical fan speed control. The result is a controller which will provide highly accurate temperature control with zero humming from your fans. Unlike other controllers which may cause humming and excess motor noise when your fans are dimmed below a certain level, the Hybrid Controller uses mechanical step control which ensures they remain totally silent.

The Hybrid Controller like all SMSCOM products is very easy to use. Plug in your intake and extract fans and simply position the probe where required. Then set the lowest and highest speeds you want both your fans to run at and the desired temperature. The controller will then maintain the temperature by automatically adjusting the fans between the highest and lowest settings you have chosen. They also feature a night time humidity function which adjusts the fans accordingly to keep humidty levels correct.

5 year warranty.

Please note the amps shown is the maximum load (both fans) the controller can handle.