Plant Magic Granules

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Mycorrhiza, bio-stimulants and over 20 strains of micro-organisms are found within Granules. All these work hand in hand to create loads of beneficial life within the soil. We highly recommend it to anyone growing using soil or coco. There are many benefits to using this product;

  • Up to a 700% increase in root growth mass can be achieved
  • The chances of pathogens and diseases are greatly reduced
  • Stress and transplant shock resistance are increased
  • Nutrient uptake is greatly improved

To use Granules it must come into direct contact with your roots. We recommend to use every time you pot up your plants. Make the potting hole and then sprinkle a healthy dose into and around it before putting your plant in.

Suitable for:

All growing mediums and systems

When to use:

Ideally use everytime you re-pot your plants

Available sizes:

350g and 700g