MD803 Multi-Duct NFT System

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£399.00 £369.00

Two trays, one tank.

Multi-Ducts are large NFT systems ideal if you've got a big space and still great even with limited headroom. The long planting channels and low height reservoir enable you to make the most of your growing space. Multi-Ducts utilise the Nutrient Film Technique which provides plants with almost unlimited access to oxygen, water and nutrients in perfect balance you can expect yields typically 3x larger than traditional soil methods. Always try to make sure plants are well rooted out of the rockwool cubes before they are placed in the system to ensure they take immediately.

Kit Contains:

  • Tank
  • Top Trays
  • Stands
  • Top Plates
  • Delivery System
  • Pump
  • Spreader Mat
  • pH Down
  • pH Test Kit
  • Instructions

Suitable tent sizes:

3m x 3m and upwards

Recommended Air Pump:

ACO6910 (an air pump is not essential to use but will always ensure a strong, healthy and disease free root system and is particularly important in the warmer months when the nutrient solution temperature rises and oxygen levels will therefore naturally be lower)


L 252cm x W 212cm x H 45cm

Tank size:

185 litres

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