Maxibright DigiLight Pro Select Digital Ballasts

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The Pro Select has all the usual features you can find from a DigiLight Ballast but with a few added extras. Unlike other dimmable ballasts which only dim down one or two settings, the DigiLight Pro Select has 6 different power modes! This not only allows growers to use different wattage lamps and still power them from this one ballast, making it perfect for any size grow room, but also means that a single bulb can be used through the entire growth cycle of the plant by using the dimmer to lower the power in the early stages and gradually build it to full power for flowering. By doing this additional ballasts and bulbs are no longer needed in order to provide plants with the different lighting they require at different stages. The Pro Select also has surge protection with an automatic cut out to prevent damage to the bulb and an end of lamp life detector.

Available sizes:

600w and 1000w

Power settings and recommendations:

600w - 250w, 275w (seedlings & cuttings), 400w, 440w (vegetative stage), 600w and 660w (flowering stage)

1000w - 400w, 440w (vegetative stage), 600w, 660w (vegetative/flowering stages), 1000w and 1100w (flowering stage)

3 year guarantee