Maxibright DigiLight Digital Ballasts

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Digital Ballasts are the better choice for your lighting requirements than magnetic ballasts; they weigh less, run cooler and last longer. Furthermore over a period of time magnetic ballasts will loose efficiency, this means that while they will still work, their electricity consumption is likely to increase and as a result your lamps may be getting under or over-powered. Digital ballasts are different as they are controlled by a computer chip. This ensures that their efficiency always remains at 100% even if fluctuations occur in your electricity supply.

These super lightweight Maxibright DigiLights offer unrivaled reliability and a stable light output with soft start technology. This technology lets your lamps reach full intensity in under a minute and helps prolong their lifespan. They are RF shielded, run completely silent and give off very little heat.

2 year guarantee

Available sizes:

250w, 400w and 600w