Lumatek Ultimate 400V Ballasts

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Lumateks answer to 400 volt lighting with all the same great features as standard Lumatek Ballasts. By using 400 volts, your ballasts operate at a different frequency to standard 230/240V ballasts, this allows more PAR light to be produced when using 400V lamps. More PAR equals more useable light for your plants and in turn more yield and better quality! The Lumatek Ultimate ballast automatically detects if you are using 230/240V or 400V bulbs, so you have full flexibility in what bulb you choose to use.

5 year guarantee

Available sizes:

600w and 1000w

Power settings:

600w - 400w, 440w, 600w and 660w

1000w - 600w, 750w, 1000w and 1100w