Lumatek Digital Dimmable Ballasts

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Probably one of the most known and recognised digital ballasts in the industry. Lumatek ballasts are compact, lightweight, run very cool and are totally silent. Unlike magnetic ballasts, Lumateks are digital and controlled by a microprocessor instead a traditional 'core and coil'. This microprocessor evaluates and compensates the actual state of the lamp and voltage fluctuations in your power supply, giving you a precise output which does not degrade at all times. They help prolong the lifespan of your bulbs and allow them to reach full power in under one minute. All of them feature cut out circuitry which trips them out if a short is detected, protecting not only your equipment, but also your safety. All ballasts can run different wattage bulbs in the same unit by simply changing the setting the bulb in use, or if you prefer, one bulb can be used for the entire growth cycle and the setting dimmed as required depending on the stage.

5 year guarantee.