Jupiter II Light Mover Kit 5


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Stationary HID lights need mounting well about the plants to avoid burning them. However by increasing this distance your light intensity decreases and so can your yields. Thin leggy growth can also occur as less beneficial light makes it through to the leaves below the canopy The Jupiter Light Mover keeps your lights moving slowly across the area so your lamps can be placed much closer to your plants. This means less lights are required and shaded areas are eliminated. The fact that less lights are present in the grow room means temperatures can be greatly reduced.

The Jupiter Light Mover has a new improved design; all rails, crossbars and push rods now come in 1m lengths to create a simple and compact self-assembly unit made of high strength aluminium.

Whichever system you begin with it will be possible to either add on or remove the push rod assembly or crossbars to suit the size of your growing area without ever having to change the motor unit.

The heavy duty motor is a high quality Swiss design with a galvanised chassis and zinc plated drive wheel for UV and ozone proofing ensuring long life. The motor traction speed has been set at the optimal level for excellent growth which is approximately 140 seconds per metre. The unique 'Grav-A-Track' drive system delivers constant drive traction by making use of gravity and reflector weight. The drive wheel is supported by oil impregnated brass bushing

The motor is fitted with an electronic time delay option, which allows the light mover to pause at each end of the track for a desired length of time. This gives the plants at the ends of the garden time to absorb an even amount of light as the centre part of the garden, resulting in an even growth profile. Without the time pause at each end you may find that the centre growth becomes taller than the ends.

2 year warranty

Number of lights:

2 lights

Length of rail:

3 meters

Inline/Crossbar System: