IWS R-DWC Systems

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4 Pot System & 100 Litre Flexi Tank


8 Pot System & 225 Litre Flexi Tank


12 Pot System & 225 Litre Flexi Tank


16 Pot System & 400 Litre Flexi Tank


20 Pot System & 400 Litre Flexi Tank


24 Pot System & 750 Litre Flexi Tank


The IWS Recirculating deep water culture system, is simple to set-up and use for all growers from novices to experts.Your plants are suspended in an oxygen and nutrient rich solution that’s constantly mixing for maximum oxygen to the roots. This results in stable ph, uniform growth and a higher oxygen content. It's also flexible, the pots can be spaced as far apart or as close together as you choose and extra pots can be added over time, so you can start small and scale up as you get more experienced. The Flexi Tank offers all of the functionality of a standard water butt, with the ability to pack it away into a tiny space, for easy transportation. The IWS recirculating systems run quietly, use little growing media and result in exceptional yields.