IWS Oxypot


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The new and improved IWS Oxypot will amaze you with it's simplicity and speed of plant growth. Now manufactured from crack- resistant plastic and incorporating a larger 19 litre tank with a 140mm heavy duty net pot, this easy to use system is now better than ever! The handy indicator pipe allows you to see exactly how much nutrient solution you have left in each pot and the inspection cap in the lid lets you monitor your roots without disturbing them.

The Oxypot requires a small amount of clay pebbles per pot to provide support to your plants. An air pump, air line and golf ball air stone are also required in order to use this system. Remember when using more than one Oxypot a single air pump with multiple outlets is perfect for this.

Hints and Tips -

  • Maintain the nutrient solution pH within the range of 5.5 - 6.5 using a pH meter, for optimum health and growth rate of your plant.

  • Maintain EC levels using an EC meter, to ensure the correct nutrient dosage is available to the plant throughout.