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A powerful and effective flowering stimulator. Shooting powder is added in the final 3 weeks of the flowering stage to significantly increase yields. It works a little differently from other stimulators on the market which just add density to your fruits and flowers, Shooting Powder actually forces a new stage of growth, adding a new layer on top of the existing fruits, forming dense buds unlike any other product. When applied to plants that have optimum conditions of light, CO2 and heat, increases in yield of up to 30% can be achieved! Combine with Bud XL for even better results!

Shooting Powder is a very strong product and care should be taken when using it. Base nutrients should be lowered to around 1.2 EC, no other PK products should be added alongside it and plants should always be strong and healthy.

Use one sachet per 100 litres of water (this can vary depending on what system and substrate you are using).

If you require a liquid version of this product please see Top Shooter

Suitable for:

All growing mediums and systems.

When to use:

Use for the last 3 weeks of the flowering stage

Available sizes: