Growth Technology Formulex

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Formulex has become an industry standard and is valued for its utility and ease of use. It is a single solution with amazing capacity for stable pH through its ground-breaking inbuilt buffering capacity. Formulex can be used for almost every fertilising requirement and is an amazingly useful bottle to have around. Many people recommend it for seedlings and young plants generally, but it can be used at all stages of growth and for many different crops.

Formulex – the perfect all round solution.
Soil • Hydroponics • Foliar feeding.

All growing mediums

When to use:

Best suited to the propagation stage. We recommend to soak your propagation medium in a nutrient solution containing Formulex so your seeds and cuttings can begin to utilize it as soon as possible. It can then be further applied when needed.

Available sizes:

1 Litre, 5 Litre and 20 Litre