GHE Ripen

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Ripen is a mix of refined mineral salts and buffers, formulated with great precision. In late flowering, accuracy is of the utmost importance and plants at the end of their lives are generally more fragile and the assimilation process is greatly reduced when compared with the vegetative phase. It is specifically designed to speed up and enhance the ripening process, while increasing the content in active principles of medicinal, aromatic and culinary plants.

How It Works :

  • Ripen brings to the plants all the mineral salts they need, in a form easy to assimilate.

  • In case of a previous accumulation of nitrate or micro-elements, it helps metabolise these residues, which will improve the taste of the crop.

Suitable For:

All Growing Mediums

When to use :

  • The last 10 days of flowering, dilute Ripen in water with adjusted pH, between 5,5 and 6,5

  • In Hydroponics: 4 - 5 ml per litre - EC = 1,8 - 2,2

  • In Soil: same concentration, every second watering

  • Ripen is acidic, it will lower the pH of your solution. Pour it in the water before adjusting your pH level