Gavita Small Room M110 DE SR Reflector


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A reflector upgrade for all Gavita 750w and 1000w Full Fixtures. The Small Room Reflector provides a narrower (110 degree) spread of light than the standard HR96 Reflector. This results in a more intense and focused beam of light. They are the only choice of reflector to use when you don't wish to combine multiple fixtures for 'overlapping' light which the standard reflector is best at. They are purpose built for use inside the Mammoth Gavita Elite Tents and by doing so will ensure the exact footprint of the tent is illuminated with a huge of amount of light also reflecting from the tent walls for increased penetration.

The reflector is built to the same superior standard of all Gavita products and is made from 96% reflective vega/MIRO aluminium which unlike anything else on the market, looses only 1% reflectivity for every 1000 hours of use!