Gavita Pro Line (Classic) 600W 400V Full Fixture


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  • Extremely High PAR efficiency: 2.1µmol/w/s
  • Highly efficient growing spectrum from 400v lamps
  • 10% increased yield compared to conventional ballasts
  • Cool running ballasts.
  • Various dimming settings.
  • Horticultural grade lighting equipment.
  • 30 Years of experience manufacturing and developing lights.

The high PAR output lamps are powered by incredibly efficient ballasts combined with a precision designed reflector to harness the light over an extremely good footprint, manufactured and assembled at Gavita’s site in Aalsmeer, Holland. Whether you are looking for a light for a single metre squared grow or wanting to scale up to a professional level, Gavita provide the ultimate lighting technology, boosting crop yields!

The 400v technology in these ballasts means you get 10% extra light output when compared to traditional HPS lighting. This means a 10% increase in your end yield. Also, they have a slightly improved spectrum than conventional 240v ballasts/lamps, so you will notice an improvement in quality as well as yield. There is no finer grow light currently available.


The Gavita Proline grow lights are truly high-end horticultural products, perfect for growing hydroponically indoors. Designed to deliver the highest quality of light from a High-Pressure Sodium lamp. Each full fixture consists of the ballast, the reflector, the lamp and is individually pre-tested on the Gavita premises before sale to ensure the highest possible standards. The Gavita Proline Classics ballasts are not compatible with the master controller, requiring traditional contact relays to control their operating times

The Gavita Proline Classic series use a unique, custom designed lamp with one of the highest outputs and most efficient spectrums you will find available on the HPS market. With a PAR output of 2100 µmol/s (for the 1000w), there is arguably no more HPS powerful lamp available. Supplied initially with the deep reflector, an intense spread of light is produced, making them particularly suitable for grow rooms with higher ceilings. The ballast is directly attached to the fixture rather than it being a remote unit, ensuring the lamp produces consistently high-quality light while keeping everything running as cool as possible.


This supplies the correct electrical load to the lamp. It is a fully sealed ballast. An essential property of a ballast particularly when used in hot and humid hydroponic grow rooms. A Gortex filter is used, allowing expanding or contracting air to pass through, but no humidity or dust, protecting the electronics inside and increasing longevity.

The ballast is highly efficiently cooled via the sleek, vertically aligned fins. The design of the metal fins allows for air to quickly and easily pass over the unit, meaning any heat generated when operating is released away from the ballast, so an optimum operating temperature is maintained. The electronics in the ballasts do not like to be too hot!! A ballast that frequently operates at a high temperature will result in a drastically shorter lifespan.

The Gavita Prolines also come equipped with LED safety alerts, from the small light on the side of the unit. The LED alerts will advise the grower of the operating conditions of ballast, whether the voltage being supplied is too high or too low any issues with overheating and so on. The LED lens itself can be changed if the grower desires, especially useful for light-sensitive crops.


The reflector that is supplied with the Gavita Proline Classic light fixtures is a ‘closed’ style deep-penetrating reflector. Do not be fooled by its small size! Its unique design gives not only a mammoth spread of light but also a great crop penetration. The reflectors are precision made by hand. This means they cannot be machine cast/made and so must be individually handmade in-house. The reflective surface is crafted from highly reflective Miro-Aluminium. They are deep reflectors designed for high penetration through dense crops. The reflector is fully changeable for the wider-angle version.


The lamps in all the fixtures are unique to Gavita, offering an incredibly high output of light. These 400v lamps produce up to 2.1µmol/w/s of PAR light, the highest you will find with HPS lights. These 400v technology lamps are 10% more efficient than conventional 240V fittings, which directly translates to an increase of 10% in your end yield. Then with the improved spectrum over traditional 240V lamps contributing to an improved overall quality of the harvest, a little extra investment really does pay off.

The 600w fixtures have a single ended lamp, whereas the 1000w lamp is double ended. The single ended lamps have their connection both at one end of the lamp, and it is screwed into the ceramic mogul in the reflector. The double-ended lamps of the 750w and 1000w fixtures have connections at either side of the lamp and are easily fitted via the lamp holders on either side of the reflector. Avoid touching the lamps with your bare hands as grease, fats, oils and dirt will get stuck to the lamp and reduce its performance. Always use clean gloves when replacing your lamps.


Using the Gavita Proline Classic grow lights could not be easier! They are ready to plug and play straight from the box, simply put up some hanging brackets and hang with the supplied eye-hole hanging hooks. It is even designed to self-level, meaning minimal manual adjustments are needed!


The Gavita Proline Classic grow lights need to be connected to a contact relay, that has a suitable capacity for the electrical load. We offer a few compatible versions, so give us a ring to see which one will work for you.


For the 1000w version of the Gavita Proline Classic grow lights, the deep style reflector will mean that they are more suitable to grow rooms with a larger headroom, giving more flexibility with the hanging heights. The Mammoth range of grow tents are uniquely designed to work in harmony with Gavita Lights, their floorplan having been designed to perfectly match the light emitted from Gavita HPS fixtures. When you are growing in a larger room, rather than a tent, you will need to take account this type of footprint of light, and how to place the lights to get the best amount of cross-over light from every fixture. Feel free to come down to one of our stores and discuss your circumstances.


Always make sure that all connections are secure before turning the units on.

When replacing the double ended lamps, always make sure wires are straight. Bent wires will mean that a secure and tight connection may not be created, and could end up damaging your lamp.

Always handle your lamp with gloves to avoid getting it dirty. Clean the lamp with neat alcohol if it does become smeared or dirty.

Always replace the DE lamps with the Getter on the side that is closest to the ballast.

The best light source is always one that is as varied as possible! Using HPS in combination with the Gavita Plasma or even ceramic metal halides is an ideal way to ensure high PAR outputs and an extremely varied colour spectrum.