Dutch Pro Leaf Green

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  • Improves production of chlorophyll
  • Greens up foliage
  • Helps prevent nutrient deficiency
  • Ready to use – pour and spray!
  • Ideal for all plant types

Foliar sprays can be one of the greatest weapons in a hydroponic grower’s arsenal. Dutch Pro’s Leaf Green is a highly effective foliar feed that provides a quick supplement of nutrients directly through the pores on each leaf. Foliar feeding can be vastly more efficient at introducing nutrients in to a plant, and so is an excellent way to combat plant leaf yellowing when you see the beginning signs of a deficiency occur. Leaf Green by Dutch Pro has been developed with over 30 years’ experience and is one of the finest foliar spray currently on the market.


By providing a boost of nutrients directly through the pores on the leaves of your plants, Dutch Pro Leaf Green quickly re-invigorates plants with its proprietary blend of high quality ingredients. Foliar uptake is a lot more efficient than a root drench, and as such is an excellent way to keep your plants a nice lush green, or combat the early signs of yellowing from a nutrient deficiency.

Maintaining a nice healthy green plant means that your plant will photosynthesise at a consistently high rate, meaning maximum amounts of energy going into the production of your final yield. Leaf Green also helps to improve the overall nutrient uptake of your plant!


Dutch Pro Leaf Green comes as a ready to use spray. Simply pour it into your foliar spray bottle and start spraying! Easy! Always ensure that you completely cover the plant’s foliage when you are spraying, making sure to get the top and bottom of every leaf. You can use Leaf Green once a week preventatively, or just as a quick fix when you see leaves beginning to yellow. It is particularly useful during the early propagational period when you are establishing young cutting and plants.


If spraying with lights on, always dim to the lowest setting. Alternatively, spray just after your lights have turned out. This avoids the solution evaporating away too quickly.

Always completely cover the entire surface of the plant with the foliar spray to ensure maximum effectiveness.