Dutch Pro Keep It Clean

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  • Gets rid of blockages in irrigations
  • Prevents blockages in irrigations
  • Gets rid of algal/bacterial build ups
  • Highly concentrated – great value for money!
  • Ideal for use in hydropnics systems

Dutch Pro have hand selected cleaning elements that will rid your pipes of any bacteria or fungal growth, while at the same time be completely safe for your plant. Ensuring your hydroponic irrigation system operates as it should do every time is vital to achieving a homogenously high harvest.  Using Keep It Clean will ensure all your drippers are running evenly, every time. Using throughout your entire crop will ensure that you do not need to worry about blocked drippers, though the accumulation of algae or bacteria.


Simply add keep it clean to your regular nutrient solution at a rate of 0.1ml per litre. This is a highly concentrated product and will go a long way for the money you spend on it. This investment gives you peace of mind that no plant will go un-watered in an automated system – you will never walk back to a wilting plant again!

However, if you are growing in a pro-biotic environment, regularly applying beneficial bacteria, then it may well be detrimental to make use of keep it clean. It stops blockages in pipe work by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungi, and so it will do the same thing in your rootzone.


Apply every watering to ensure no blockages occur in your hydroponic irrigation system throughout any stage of your growth cycle.