Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs)

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Product Variations

125w - Blue Spectrum


125w - Red Spectrum


200w - Blue Spectrum


200w - Red Spectrum


300w - Blue Spectrum


300w - Red Spectrum


We are pleased to offer a range of self ballasted compact fluorescent lighting that offers growers the choice of low energy growing where heat or cost is a concern. Our CFL units feature ultra high output compact fluorescent lamps that are powered by an integral power unit. The lamps can be easily interchanged from blue to red spectrum by simply screwing the new lamp into the same reflector unit. This offers the ultimate in energy efficiency, flexibility and affordability.

Blue Spectrum works well for propagation and vegetative growth.

Red Spectrum offer a low heat alternative to HPS lights but do not measure up in terms of yield.

Very low heat output means they can be placed very close to plants for maxiumum output.

Perfect for seedlings, young plants, side lighting and even for the full growing cycle, however HID is highly recommeded for flowering for maximum yield.


Blue Spectrum - 6400K

Red Spectrum - 2100K


125w - 5800 Lumens

200w - 8800 Lumens

300w - 13500 Lumens