CFL Pro Twin Reflector


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Pretty much the same as the standard CFL Pro Reflector the only difference is the Twin CFL reflector is capable of holding two compact fluorescent lamps up to 300w each. Perfect for growers who want to create a dual spectrum of light, you can use one blue bulb and one red bulb. .

A higher quality product than the standard CFL reflector. This is for the person who wants to spend a little extra to get a better all round product. This reflector brings together all the benefits of a closed dual parabolic design usually used with HID lighting but with the energy saving qualities of using compact fluorescent lamps. By using a closed design you will ensure all usable light is directed where you want it as no light can escape out the ends. This is particularly useful when using low energy lighting as you will ensure you are getting the maximum out out of it.

Supplied with 4m power lead and plug.

Features on/off switch.

Can be hung vertically or horizontally.

Size: 640 x 640 x 170mm