Canna Start

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Lots of growers like to just use a half or quarter dose of their normal base nutrient when feeding their young plants. While this is an easy option, this dilution it does not actually give your plants what they need and they can soon become deficient and yellowing. Canna Start will provide your seedlings and rooted cuttings with all the essential elements and micro & macro nutrients they need to develop into strong healthy plants. Combine with a root stimulator (Canna recommend Rhizotonic) so your plants develop a strong root system quickly. Once they are established enough or have been transplanted on you can then switch to your normal base nutrient.

Canna Start can be used on all substrates but is not suitable to be used in re-circulating systems such as Aeroponic Propagators.

Suitable for:

All growing mediums but not suitable for re-circulating systems

When to use:

Propagation stage. We recommend to soak your propagation medium in a nutrient solution containing Canna Start so your seeds and cuttings can begin to utilize it as soon as possible. It can then be further applied when needed.

Available sizes:

1 Litre and 5 Litre