Can Inline Carbon Filters

From £175.00

Product Variations

150mm (600m3/h)


200mm (1000m3/h)


200mm (1500m3/h)


250mm (1500m3/h)


250mm (2500m3/h)


315mm (2500m3/h)


315mm (3000m3/h)


Comprising of a Can Lite carbon filter built into a metal housing with an inlet and an outlet that makes it possible for the filter to be installed inline, thus creating numerous new space saving and installation options! The Inline Filter is the only filter that can be used not only inside of the designated space but outside too, whilst still working perfectly! It can also be used a a secondary carbon filter on the exhaust for double air filtration.

The Can Lite carbon used inside guarantees a minimum lifespan of 18 months when used with a maximum humidity of 75% and temperature 80 Celcius.