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Why Choose the Buddhas Tree Additives Package?

  • Everything you need for a productive yield!
  • Save money with bulk discount
  • Never be without your favourite booster
  • Complete additives package for hydroponic growing
  • Exceptionally high-quality products
  • Market leading brand
  • UK Manufactured

We have put together a complete package containing the full spectrum of Buddhas Tree nutrient additives. This ensures you have everything your plant could desire during the flowering period to produce record breaking yields, of exceptionally high quality. Ideal to use in combination with any other quality brand of base nutrient, Buddhas Tree offer some of the finest plant boosters currently available on the hydropnics market.

If you have tried one of the Buddhas Tree range already, you are probably more than convinced about its effectiveness. It should come of no surprise that when you use the entire range as they have been designed to, the results you will see may astound you! Having been formulated by the UK’s leading bio-chemists, it is no wonder that Buddhas Tree have quickly become one of the most popular brands for plant additives currently on the hydroponic market.

What It Is

Our Buddhas Tree additives package does exactly what it says on the tin! You get the full range of additives, selected at the right volumes to ensure you are never without any of your favourite brand’s products. Whether you are a hobby grower, or on a larger scale, we have the package for you.

The pack contains:

Buddhas Tree Advanced MetaBoost: Metabolic booster to enhance the production and performance of your plants overall.

Buddhas Tree Flower Burst: To ensure a quick and productive transition into the flowering cycle after the vegetative cycle.

Buddhas Tree PK 9-18: The ideal ration of potassium to phosphorous, plus extra goodies, to ensure you have an explosive yield.

Buddhas Tree Solar Green: Highly powerful silicon based additive to ensure a strong and sturdy plant to support large, overbearing fruits.

The package essentially contains the full range of Buddhas Tree additives, to ensure you have everything to hand when you grow your favourite plants.

How it works

Please ensure that you follow the recommendations of each additive accordingly. Do not just go in too deep and add everything all at once, all the time! The combination of additives will ensure a high production and quality of your yield, provided they are used correctly and at the appropriate levels. Always refer to the grow schedule if you are unsure of the application rates.

How to use

Always follow the guidelines for each product and refer to the grow guide throughout.