315w CDM Twin Lamp Reflector Lighting Kits

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with Lumatek Full Spectrum (4200K) Lamps


with Lumatek Agro (3100K) Lamps


with 1x Lumatek 4200K & 1x Lumatek 3100K Lamp


with Philips Daylight (4200K) Lamps


with Philips Agro (3000K) Lamps


with 1x Philips 4200K & 1x Philips 3000K Lamp


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  • Maxibright Daylight CDM 315w Ballast
  • Daylight CDM Twin Lamp Reflector
  • Your choice of lamp

Replace your existing 600w HID kit with one of these Twin Reflector Kits and enjoy yield increases of up to 20%. Furthermore the growth rate an overall quality of your plants is dramatically improved and you will only be consuming 30w more!

The Twin Reflector provides an optimum spread of light over 1.2m x 1.2m or 1.5m x 1.5m area. It features two lamp holders allowing you to mix Daylight and Agro lamps for a super broad spectrum of light if you wish to.