315w CDM Horizon Reflector Lighting Kits

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with Lumatek Full Spectrum (4200K) Lamp


with Lumatek Agro (3100K) Lamp


with Philips Daylight (4200K) Lamp


with Philips Agro (3000K) Lamp


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  • Maxibright Daylight CDM 315w Ballast
  • Daylight CDM Horizon Reflector
  • Your choice of lamp

The brand new Maxibright Horizon Reflector has been optimised to be the ultimate choice for supplemental lighting. Its unique 'open' design spreads light over a very wide area (2.4m x 1.2m) and is therefore designed to be placed in between two HID lamps within this space. This method of use and it's results are very similar to that of the Gavita 270w LEP but at a hugely lower cost. Adding one of these fixtures between two 600w HID lamps will increase your yield and growth rate. Quality and essential oil production is greatly improved thanks to the broad spectrum of light and as they are only 315w they emit very little heat and do not consume much electric.