Propagation is the stage where seedlings and cuttings are grown before entering the vegetative period.

Typically seeds are germinated in Rockwool cubes or similar and left in a propagator while they develop a good root system and grow in size. By combining the blue spectrum of a fluorescent light and the high humidity levels and warmth in the propagator means young plants will develop quickly to ensure a good base for a strong healthy plant. When plants first emerge from the cubes keep the propagator vents shut or just open, over a period of a few days slowly open these vents fully and then look to remove the propagator lid completely once they have hardened off.

Cuttings need slightly different requirements to seeds. Firstly when taking cuttings always make sure you pick the strongest healthiest plants to cut them from. Choose the stems you wish to cut and make a clean diagonal cut (best done just below a node) with a sharp scalpel. Dip the cutting into rooting gel and then place this in your chosen propagation medium. This will then go inside the propagator with the vents fully closed. As the fresh cuttings have no roots on them they can only take in any moisture through their leaves so the high humidity levels in the propagator are crucial for their survival. Mist the cuttings lightly once a day or as required for your species with water or a specific nutrient and wipe any excess water from the propagator lid to stop water logging. Once roots begin to appear, slowly harden your plants off by opening the vents of the propagator until they are ready for the lid to be removed completely. As with seeds always use blue spectrum fluorescents to provide them with the light they require, heat mats will also aid in quicker root growth.