Nutrients & Additives

Nutrients are a key ingredient to any hydroponic garden. Traditionally when plants were grown outdoors in soil, they took in all of the nutrition they required from there. However as hydroponics does not use any soil, you must provide these nutrients for them. As well as this you must ensure that they are given at the correct dosages to ensure no under or over feeding. pH levels must also remain at the correct level so that the plant can take in all the elements that the nutrients contain.

You will notice that some nutrients we sell come in \'hard\' and \'soft\' water formulations. Hard water contains certain minerals in it already, so by using the correct nutrient formulation you will ensure that you do not overdo it on these minerals. Generally throughout most of the UK the water is considered to be hard.

Even when growing in soil you should still use a nutrient schedule, but always opt to choose a soil specific one, this will contain the correct ratio of elements needed. Unlike the hydroponics food which will have a larger amount of certain elements in, the soil nutrient will have less to account for the stuff already present within the growing medium.

The three main elements are NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium), nitrogen is required in larger amounts during the vegetative phase whereas phosphorus and potassium is needed in flowering. As well as these three there are around another 11 micro and macro elements which make up a complete and balanced formula, these include Mg (magnesium), Fe (Iron) and Ca (calcium).

Most of the foods we sell are split in to \'Grow\' for vegetative stage and \'Bloom\' for the flowering stage. This enables you to always make sure you are giving your plants what they need at certain times. By adding various additives alongside this, you will achieve even better results!

We try to stock a wide selection of nutrients and additives to ensure we have something for everyone! If there is something that you want which we do not have advertised just give us a call or email and we will see what we can do for you!