Nutrient Control

Having control over your nutrient solution is very important.

pH is the measurement of how acidic of alkaline the water is. If the pH is not at the correct level your plant requires, you may find certain elements of the nutrients you add cannot be taken in correctly, this can therefore lead to nutrient deficiencies.

EC (Electrical Conductivity) is just one measurement of how much concentration of nutrient is in the water. It is important to check this as if the EC is too high theres a risk your plants are getting over-fertilised which can open doors to various problems. Other measurements for nutrient concentration are CF (Conductivity Factor) and PPM (parts per million).

In this section you will find the necessary tools to monitor your nutrient solution. These measuring devices will provide accurate readings so you can be sure you always have full control over your nutrient solution. As well as this we also sell various liquids to adjust the pH level and care for your meters.