Dutch Pro

Dutch Pro, as the name suggests, are true professional when it comes to growing hydroponic plants. Having spent many years cultivating crops and researching fertilisers from their base in Amsterdam, Holland, they have grown to be a powerhouse brand in the UK hydroponic market. Offering a range of nutrients and substrates, their tried and tested products have countless growers coming back for more after every crop.

Their flagship product undoubtedly being ‘Explode’ has won the hearts, minds and yields of hydroponic gardeners all over England. It has consistently helped growers to get yields that they previously only dreamed of. This may sound like a bit of an exaggeration, but considering how many units of Explode have been sold over the years, the proof really is in the pudding.

Dutch Pro was initially developed for the commercial market, but as demand increased it became abundantly clear that the indoor growing market was ready to see what Dutch Pro products could do for their crops. The popularity and success being a combination of the highly effective nature of each product and the overall ease of use.

Having been producing and developing nutrients and substrates for over 30 years, Dutch Pro offer the modern grower something not many other brands can close to matching! Get yours today and see for yourself just how and why they have become so popular!