Buddhas Tree

Buddhas Tree have arrived guns-a-blazing onto the UK market, and quickly established themselves as a producer of top quality nutrient additives. Focusing solely on nutrient additives have given Buddhas Tree the means to develop growth enhancing plant additives to an almost unbelievable effective degree. Having been developed and formulated by four of the top Bio-Chemists in the UK, the experience and knowledge that goes into every bottle is unrivalled in the hydroponic market.

Their popularity was mainly spearheaded by the effectiveness of their first product PK 9-18. Every brand has its own version of a PK booster, and every brands PK booster is slightly different. Historically (mainly because of CANNA’s PK13/14) every brand usually floats around the 1:1 ratio, in differing concentrations. Buddhas Tree quickly realised that while this ratio did work well, there was clearly a better way to do it! Having seen the results it can produce, growers up and down the country now arm themselves with Buddhas Tree additives to enhance their crops to insanely high levels.

Being compatible with any base nutrient you use, we challenge you to take up the Pepsi challenge with Buddhas Tree. We can almost guarantee that once you try them, you will never go back!