Biobizz are a name that shouldn’t really need much of an introduction to most modern day indoor gardeners. They have been spear-heading the way with high quality organic plant nutrients for over 20 years. With OMRI organic certification on their substrates, you will struggle to find a higher quality organic substrate for your plants.

Their fertilisers have been used by countless growing enthusiast and continue to be in high demand, for achieving high quality yields, that not many other brands can offer. Biobizz have research facilities all over the world, including the Netherlands, France, Spain, North America and the UK. No other organic producer can offer you the expertise and constancy that Biobizz can.

If you are growing organically, then you really should not be without Biobizz products as part of your arsenal. The range of their products provide a complete fertilisation package for growing high quality organic produce, that will absolutely astound you when it comes to the end result’s flavour and aroma. There is not much that can top a true organically grown product, and using Biobizz products makes it a task that is almost impossible to fail at!