Light is probably the most important thing you can provide for your plant. Plants need to take in light in order to photosynthesize. When growing indoors this light must be provided artificially usually in the form of HID (High Intensity Discharge) Lamps. Generally the higher the wattage of light you provide the quicker your plant will grow and the heavier it's overall yield will be. Remember though the higher the wattage means the higher the temperature!

Yield is directly related to wattage, do not think by adding more plants to your room will necessarily increase this end result, much the same as if you were to remove plants from your room and use the same amount of lights, the same end result can still be achieved. Below we have included a short list of what area each wattage HID light is able to effectively cover, it is the grower's choice on how many plants they decide to grow in this area but results should always be roughly the same regardless of amount of plants. The grower who opts to grow more would usually have a quicker overall turn around but would have to tend to more plants, the person who decides to grow less would need to grow their plants larger, therefore taking more time but would have less plants to deal with!

250w HID - 80cm x 80cm

400w HID - 100cm x 100cm

600w HID - 120cm x 120cm

1000w HID - 150cm x 150cm

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