Light Movers & Accessories

Light movers are mechanical devices that move a grow light in a fixed pattern within a grow room. The movement of the lighting within the grow room means that the plants are exposed to a greater amount of light,and heat spots within your growroom are greatly reduced. The Jupiter 2 light movers that we stock work as a modular system, meaning you can build up your light rail system as you increase or change the size and shape of your growing area.

Stationary HID lights need mounting well above the plants to avoid scorching but this has always led to a host of other problems. Increasing the distance between the light source and the plants greatly reduces light intensity and with a stationary light source, areas below the canopy are also in permanent shadow. This shading causes a shift in colour spectrum below the canopy, producing leggy growth. The Jupiter II Light Mover keeps your lights slowly moving across the area so your lamps can be placed closer to your plants and optimum light intensity can be delivered to all areas of the foliage.

Other benefits of light movers include more even, uniform growth and electricity savings as less lights can be used over a larger area, this also stops excess heat in your room.

Each of our light mover kits containers all the necessary light rails, cross bars and push rods to create a smooth operating lighting setup within your grow room.