Wilma Dripper Systems

Based on the popular 'Dutch Pot' method, the Atami Wilma is an active hydroponics system that waters your plants using drip irrigation. This offers the precision and control of hydroponic feeding to give far greater results than just hand watering, but still has the flexibility and familiarity of growing in pots. It is also compatible with all of the media we sell.

How does it work?

Pots are placed on a support tray that rests on top of a nutrient tank. Inside the tank sits a pump which uses irrigation line to connect to each pot via a dripper. The pump is plugged into a timer and this periodically delivers the nutrient solution to each plant. The Wilma feeds the plants little and often, which allows them to absorb much more water and nutrient when compared to hand watering. It also means the soil is never water logged, which can happen when hand watering with just one big watering. The medium therefore remains considerably more aerated and this will lead to bigger yields.

When using absorbent medium such as soil coco or rockwool use the black arrow drippers which will deliver a steady drip feed at the rate of 2 litres per hour. Treat the Wilma as a dripper system with a catchment tank and try to minimize run off.

If using Clay Pebbles or any other free flowing media use the blue flood drippers to deliver a steady stream of water at a much faster rate than the arrow drippers. The Wilma is then used as a recirculating hydroponic system, allowing the run off to fall back into the tank and topping it up with around half strength nutrient every few days.