NFT stands for ‘Nutrient Film Technique' and was the first active hydroponics system made. It has stood the test of time as still to this day it remains one of the most popular selling systems on the market.

How does it work?

A tank containing the nutrient solution sits at the bottom, on top of this sits a 'top tray' covered by a correx board. Plants are grown in rockwool blocks and should be moved into the system once they have developed an abundance of roots. Squares are cut out of the correx sheet the size of the rockwool blocks to allow them to fit through it and sit on the top tray without no light hitting the roots. The nutrient solution is constantly pumped from the tank onto the top tray so a steady stream (or film) of water is always flowing over the bare roots of the plant. This nutrient solution then falls back into the tank when it reaches the other end and the process repeats.

The main advantage of the NFT system over other hydroponic methods is that very little growing medium is used, in most case just rockwool blocks. Therefore the bare plant roots are always exposed to a perfectly balanced supply of water, oxygen, and nutrients. The result is fast growing plants with high yields of top quality produce!