Flood & Drain

The Flood & Drain system gives the grower more control over how their plants are watered than other systems. While it may be a little more challenging to initially get used to, the level of precision you able to achieve with your irrigation times, combined with the amount of oxygen present in the root system make this a really great system.

We sell two different Flood & Drain Systems, the Nutriculture Ebb & Flood System and the IWS (Intelligent Watering System).

Ebb & Flood System - How does it work?

A tank filled with your nutrient solution sits below the support tray. Your growing media (clay pebbles) is poured directly into this tray so it is filled to the top and your plants are grown in this. A pump sits inside the nutrient tank connected to a timer. When the timer clicks on and triggers the 'flood' period, the nutrient solution is pumped from the reservoir and into the top tray, flooding the growing medium. During this time the plants are able to take in what nutrients they require. When the timer clicks off, the nutrient solution then drains back (ebb's) into the tank below, this causes a vacuum like effect in the growing medium, pulling in plenty of fresh oxygen directly to the plant's roots.

IWS - How does it work?

The IWS is a highly developed hybrid system, it works in a similar way the Ebb & Flood system but this time each plant has its own pot. A water butt containing your nutrient solution is connected to the 'Brain Bucket', which connects to each pot using irrigation pipe and fittings. The Brain Bucket also contains two float valves so the system will never overflow and will always maintain accuracy when flooding. The precision IWS timer allows you to choose the time of day you want the floods to occur as well as how long for. When the timer clicks on, water is pumped from the butt into the Brain Bucket, then by using gravity, water is pushed through the irrigation pipe and into each pot allowing it to flood in the same was as the Ebb & Flood System does. Once the timer clicks off a second pump activates to pull all the water back into the water butt.

For people wishing to grow small-medium sized plants then the Ebb & Flood System is the better option, it is also more suitable for growers on a budget and will still cater from the small right up to the very large. For medium-large plants and a more premium quality system, the IWS is the better choice. It allows for numerous plants to be watered from just one water butt, each pot can be moved as required even once they are in use and the system is modular, so pots can be added or removed as required.