Deep Water Culture (DWC)

Deep Water Culture is a simple to use and highly productive method of hydroponic growing. It requires minimal effort and will still deliver fantastic results. A great system to choose as an introduction to hydroponics.

How does it work?

The method is simple, plastic buckets are used for each plant and act as it's pot and also nutrient reservoir. The plant itself is contained in a net pot with Clay Pebbles being used as the growing medium. The net pot is housed snuggly in the lid of the bucket so that once it is in place no light will get to the root system. The bucket is filled with the nutrient solution and an air pump and air stone(s) is used to infuse the water with vast amounts of oxygen, the roots are then able to grow out of the net pot and down into the water below. As there is so much oxygen in the water the roots are able to thrive and the rate of growth and nutrient uptake is huge!

It is important to remember that plants should have plenty of healthy root growth showing before transplanting into the system. For the earlier stages of growth the water level should be higher in the bucket, as the roots grow and venture down, the level of solution can be dropped.