Take the hassle out of hand watering your pots by using AutoPot. This is probably the simplest system around if you want to grow using soil or coco, but produces greatly improved results over hand watering.

How does it work?

The AutoPot is a bottom feeding system and requires no electricity at all, instead each pot module has the AutoPot 'AquaValve' attached to it. This little float valve is connected to a water butt via irrigation pipe and the system is gravity fed. When there is no water around the bottom of the pot and the AquaValve, the valve will open allowing the nutrient solution to feed from the butt and into bottom of the pot. Once the level is reached the AquaValve will shut off and allow no more in. This process then repeats as and when the plant needs. As each AquaValve is individual it means that the different needs of each plant can be met without having to do anything different. The plant can use the nutrient solution at it's own rate and all you need to take care of is the water butt!

Due to the way the pot is designed and sits in it's module, the growing medium can breath and dry a little between feeds so it is not soaked and sitting in water.

The system is very easy to increase and decrease in size. All you need to do is just buy more pot modules and attach them to your existing system to grow more plants! Huge amounts of plants can be grown using just one tank!