Peat based potting mixes offer an indoor gardener possibly the most simple and reliable way to achieve a quality harvest from an indoor garden. While you may not be able to achieve the sorts of yields you can with a more hydroponic media, it is hard to surpass the overall reliability and quality that you can achieve from a good quality potting mix, especially an organic one.

Don’t just think you are restricted to hand watering when using soil! While it may give your crop more of your time and attention, unfortunately not all of us can afford that from our day to day routines. Automated drip irrigation systems or AutoPots can be used with potting soils making the ideal way to get a natural flavoured harvest, with all the convenience of an automated irrigation system.

Not all potting mixes are the same! While it all might just appear as some dirt in a bag, there are vast differences in quality between different potting soils on the market. We have picked the cream of the crop for you when it comes to soil growing, so whether you are looking to grow organically or just keep your methods nice and simple, we have the perfect range of choice for you.