If you are looking to get serious in your hydroponic garden, then using rockwool as your substrate will set you on course to growing like the pro’s. The most common substrate you will find commercial agricultural greenhouses using is rockwool. This is no co-incidence. Large scale agricultural growing like this is entirely driven by the need for maximising yields and in turn profits. The fundamental properties that rockwool possesses gives the grower the ability to achieve growth rates and yields that no other substrate can match.

With great power comes great responsibility! You can push the boundaries of yields compared to other substrates with rockwool, but it requires a lot more attention to detail than more forgiving substrates like coco or peat based potting mixes do. You will need to monitor and control things like the E.C, p.H and moisture content of the substrate much more closely than other substrates. You become a much bigger driving factor in your plants success, so for those of you keen to apply yourselves you can realise a much larger return for your efforts.

Choices, choices….

There are a few options to choose from when using rockwool. From slabs, to cubes, to propagational blocks it caters for almost any hydroponic circumstance you can throw at it! If you are unfamiliar with growing in rockwool, but are keen to unlock some of the potential it offers you, feel free to give us a ring and one of our friendly staff will be more than happy to talk you through everything. Alternatively, pop down to one of our hydroponic stores in either Brighton, Gillingham, Northfleet or Welling and we’ll have a chat about it over a cuppa!