Growing with coco coir has fast become the grow media of choice for most modern hydroponic growers. The husks of the humble coconut, has taken the place of soil or rockwool in countless indoor gardens throughout the country. With the ease of use and overall control it offers, it is no wonder why!

You need to make sure only the finest coir available makes its way into your hydroponic Garden of Eden. Different brands of coir may well look the same, but the unseen quality differences between a cheap bag of coco and the highest quality ones, will only end up costing you some of your yield! We have extensively tested countless brands of coco coir on the hydroponics market, to make sure you have the pic of the best!

Whether you are hand watering, or using more technically advanced irrigation systems, we have the solution for your substrate needs. If you are at all unsure about which type of coco coir to use in your hydroponic set up, then please feel free to contact us and see what would be most suitable for you.