Growing Media

The type of media or substrate that you invest your money in for your hydroponic garden will play a large part in its success or failure. Not just in the overall quality of whichever media it is you have chosen but also in terms of how well you as a grower makes use of it. We have at least taken the first part of that out of the equation for you! We have scoured the market for you and only stock the highest quality growing media, that always give consistently high results!

There are all sorts of different circumstances that may lead you to the media that you have chosen. It may be that you are highly concerned about achieving an ‘organic’ final product. In this instance, choosing an organic potting soil may be best. It may be that you have an obsessive compulsion for being in total control over a growing plant, so rockwool may well be the road you choose to go down.

Once you’ve chosen your media, you can then tailor it even further to how you want it to work. For example, growers using system such as the AutoPot, tend to amend with either clay pebbles or perlite, to ensure a high air content in a pot constantly sat in water. Or it may be that you want to amend its nutritional properties. For example, rather than starting with a coco coir completely devoid of nutrient, add some Ecothrive Charge to give your plants an early advantage!

Ultimately, each substrate has entirely different properties, and gives the grower a different set of advantages and disadvantages whichever option they choose to go for. If you would like to go speak to one of us about which of these substrates would be more appropriate for you then feel free to give us a ring, we are happy to help!