Environment is one of the key things to consider when setting up a grow room. In order to control environmental conditions the use of ventilation equipment is essential. For most plants a temperature of around 70-75 Fahrenheit is ideal for successful and healthy growth. The most common problem that seems to occur in grow rooms is temperature issues, the higher it climbs, the slower the growth, until it can eventually stop and plants may even die.

The best way of controlling heat is by using inline fans. Air needs to be extracted from the grow room, as plants photosynthesize they take in Carbon Dioxide and 'breathe' out Oxygen, the extractor fan will pull the stale air from the room as well as heat, it will also aid in lowering humidity. This fan is also usually attached to a Carbon Filter to extract odours.

As well as an extractor fan it is important to have an intake fan to. The purpose of the intake fan is to draw cool fresh air into the room. This helps control the temperature and also brings in CO2 enriched air that your plants require. Sometimes growers opt to use just an extract fan in their rooms and have a 'passive' intake through a window or similar. We would always recommend an intake and extract to ensure a complete ventilation solution and good all round flow of air.

Take a look through the different categories in this section for more information on each of the products and how they work. Always remember if you have your environment perfectly under control everything else will almost always fall into place.