Inline Fans

Our range of inline fans provide you with the best means to control the environment within your grow room. The primary role is to control the temperature by extracting the hot air but are also needed in order to bring in cool, fresh, CO2 enriched air. The size and amount of fans you will need will vary depending on how big your grow room is and how many grow lights you have. We have included some calculations below to help give you a basis on what size to choose, but if you are confused as to what to go for just give us a call and we will be happy to help!

To work out size of the extract fan:

1. Work out the volume of the your room (length x width x height  = m3)

2. Multiply this figure by 60

3. This will then give you the power of the fan you will need in m3/hr

For example:

2.4m x 2.4m x 2.0m = 11.52m3

11.52m3 x 60 = 691m3/hr

This means that you would need a fan that has an air flow equal to or greater than this figure, however as almost all growers use a carbon filter this will reduce the fan's air flow by around 25% meaning that the 691m3/h will need to be multiplied by 1.33 to account for this.

691m3/hr x 1.33 = 919m3/hr

A fan that has an air flow equal to or greater than 919m3/hr is the correct size extraction fan to use.

To work out the size of the intake fan:

On very small grow rooms and tents passive intake is usually sufficient, meaning as the extract fan removes air from the room, fresh air is drawn in passively sucked through air vents or similar. However for almost all rooms an intake fan is required and will always give better results. When choosing the size of the intake fan you should aim to input around 15% less air than what you are extracting. To work this out follow these instructions:

1. Take the extractor fan's max airflow and minus 25% from this to account for the carbon filter.

2. With this new figure then minus 15% to give you the required intake fan air flow.

Following on from the example above:

919m3/hr x 0.75 (minus 25%) = 689m3/hr

689m3/hr x 0.85 (minus 15%) = 586m3/hr

Therefore you will require a fan that has an air flow similar to 586m3/hr